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Dalai Lama's New Year Message For 2017 Is The Best And The Simplest Truth!

BIHAR : Tibetan spiritual leader His Holiness Dalai Lama extended New Year greetings for 2017 while on a tour to Indian state Bihar to address more than 1000 young students from Colleges on the theme "‘The Secret to Happy and Successful Life".
“I wish to express my greetings and a Happy New Year. In reality, whether the year 2017 becomes happier one or a miserable one will only depend on you. It depends on your mind and thoughts. Therefore, from the very first day of the year onward we should thrive to be positive and accept whatever circumstance as yet another challenge in life which you have to face and overcome successfully. Whatever the circumstance, we should never loose our patience, kindness and compassion."
"We need to start living a life as a human. Not as a human being, but as being human. Find inner peace within, in your thoughts and actions accordingly. Once you do that you can make it a happy new year to you and your family. If goes beyond that to your neighbors, friends, the country and perhaps you can make 2017 a happy new year for the entire world with your good deeds."
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