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Little Girl Falls 30 Feet Into A Hollow Tree — Then Mom Notices Something In Her Stomach

The world isn’t always fair, but every once in a while, something good happens that’s so impossible to explain that one could only chalk it up as a miracle. That’s exactly what happened to 8-year-old Annabel Beam.
Annabel was climbing a hollow tree outside her house when she suddenly fell 30 feet into it and got trapped. What happened next couldn’t be explained.
In 2012, 8-year-old Annabel Beam couldn’t remember a time when she didn’t suffer from chronic abdominal pain. An otherwise sweet, fun-loving kid, her illnesses affected her digestive system and caused her stomach to become bloated.
Annabel was forced to consume a liquid diet and couldn’t eat any solid food at all. She regularly saw doctors, but they couldn’t manage to find a cure… until something incredible happened one day when she was playing outside with her two sisters.
Annabel had climbed 30 feet up a hollowed-out tree, but lost her grip and fell. Instead of hitting the ground, she bumped her head several times and ended up inside the trunk, unconscious.
Annabel’s sisters ran indoors to alert their parents, and they immediately called emergency services.
When first responders arrived, they initially weren’t sure what to do: cutting down the tree risked serious injury to Annabel. Instead, they fashioned a sort of pulley that helped lift Annabel out of the trunk. They then rushed her to the hospital.
Despite her treacherous tumble, Annabel miraculously only suffered a concussion—she didn’t have any bruises or broken bones. Stranger still, Annabel’s stomach was no longer bloated.
Doctors couldn’t provide any medical explanation. Meanwhile, Annabel claimed she had a vision while inside the tree, and believed she was healed due to divine intervention.
A movie is currently being developed based on Annabel’s incredible story. She’s now 13 years old and still hasn’t experienced any stomach pain since the incident!
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However you feel about Annabel’s curious cure—was it a miracle?—this medical phenomenon surely makes for an amazing story. Hopefully, things will continue to look up for Annabel!
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