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18 Weird Things ALL Women Do When They’re Home Alone.

Not all girls are made of sugar and spice, and all things nice. We have been made to believe that women are delicate flowers that need to be handled with the utmost care. The female species is not supposed to have bad or lazy days. Everything must be perfect at all times.
That may be part of the reason why women keep a vow of silence when it comes to refusing to do certain things while loving to do others. No one needs to know every like and dislike a person has. You don’t divulge the good, the bad, and the ugly in your life, hence, there is no need for women to do so either.
Still, if you are still dying to know things women of all ages love to do alone but will never tell you, keep on reading. You may have suspected some of these before but never had the evidence to accuse your other half. Here is the proof. #10 is highly therapeutic.
#1. Pulling hair out of unwanted places.
If the hair is not desired there, it will be plucked off regardless of how painful the procedure is.
#2. Chipping nail polish.
The moment you spot the first chip come off, it's just downhill from there.
#3. Being a snoop.
Sometimes the information doesn't come as easily as one would expect. Better put the detective glasses on.
#4. Using social media to just look.
If you have a Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter account it's because you are making your life public. So don't act surprise if she is looking at your social media account.
#5. Getting messy.
Girls are not everything nice. They like to play and get dirty like the guys, so don't judge.
#6. Dancing in front of the mirror.
We all think we are just as good as Jennifer Lopez and our mirror is proof of hundreds of hours spent perfecting the sensuous dance moves.
#7. Women are experts at portion control.
Not really. Just like guys, if the food is delicious expect it to be devoured as soon as it is served.
#8. Crying to a good song.
Because some songs are meant to make you cry.
#9. Playing with makeup and hair.
Even the most conservative female has at one point or another spent time living out their fantasy of wearing crazy hair and vibrant makeup.
#10. Trying to fit into old jeans.
Bodies change shape throughout time. Sometimes it's too hard to accept the fact you no longer fit into your size 24 jeans.
#11. Owning a pretty impressive selection of DVD workouts.
You never see them because they are well hidden.
#12. Selfies don't just happen.
It's about making sure the makeup is on right, the lighting is perfect for it to even be considered to be uploaded.
#13. Women like their breasts too.
Who wouldn't like them? They're round, soft, and give great joy when touched.
#14. Washing off the day's dirt and makeup.
Sometimes women are just too tired to wash their faces. The fact that she has great skin is either good genes or just pure luck.
#15. Knowing how to make your own sanitary pads at the last minute.
Every woman's menstrual cycle has changed unexpectedly. Being a true MacGyver by using thick rolls of toilet paper does the trick until you get to the nearest store.
#16. Pulling the thin lip skin off.
It hurts a lot but it brings an unusual amount of satisfaction.
#17. Eating out of a jar.
It's gross when guys do it but it is totally acceptable for a woman to eat out of a jar.
#18. Not washing their locks for days.
The weather is getting cold. Too tired. The excuses are endless, that's why hats are the best accessory for days when washing hair is not going to happen.
H/T: LifeBuzz
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