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After a Seven-Year Relationship, She Asks Him Why He Cheated. His Response? BOTH in Tears.

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When a relationship ends in bad terms, a lot of unanswered questions are left hanging in the air. Feelings of confusion, guilt, and what ifs are simply left to be dealt with alone. Glamour Magazine brought together a former couple to sit down and discuss what went wrong in their relationship.
Ali and Andrew were together for seven years. They were college sweethearts who broke up two years earlier over Andrew’s infidelity. Their encounter is raw and emotional. It is hard to know if Ali got the answers she wanted or if Andrew understood his actions in the past were hurtful. We just hope they both got closure.
The big question.
Ali and Andrew sit to rehash the past.
Why did you cheat?
Andrew defines cheating differently than Ali.
Does kissing and touching count?
Andrew justifies his behaviour by saying he never actually had sex with the other woman.
Cheating is cheating.
Ali is not accepting Andrew's rationale.
Andrew tells his side.
"I think it's because I was interested in other options."
The pain is still raw.
Andrew: "Why did I do it so many times?"
"Yeah I don't have an answer to that."
He tried to end it.
He tries to find the words to explain when the infidelity began.
He tried to end it.
Andrew: "When you say we were young, we were in college. You have one way of coping about it."
There are no answers.
Andrew: "Why did I do it so many times?"
Ali: "It's ok."
Andrew: "Yeah, I don't have the answer."
There are no answers.
Trying to change the subject.
The conversation was turning too emotional and heavy. It was time to ask a new question. This time it's Andrew's turn.
Going to the beginning.
Andrew asks Ali if she can remember the first time they met.
Going to the beginning.
Ali knew she wanted Andrew.
Ali remembers approaching Andrew while he was on the phone.
Ali knew she wanted Andrew.
The most cherished moments.
Alex remembers the traditions they made together like always getting popcorn and Sprite when going to the movies. Andrew still does this even though it's just him now.
Giggling over the memories.
After putting the discussion of cheating aside , the former couple share their fun and memorable times together.
Giggling over the memories.
He told her he could marry her.
Andrew recalls telling Ali during a dance he could marry her at that exact moment and she responded with "well if you proposed, I'd say yes."
He told her he could marry her.
Next, science says these 10 types are the most likely to cheat.
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