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If You Have Worn Braces, There Are Chances You Might Get Cancer!

Everyone who has ever worn braces knows how unpleasant it is and how unsightly it can be. However, one thing that keeps you going is the thought that afterwards you will have nice, straight teeth. But no one has ever wondered whether there are some negative sides to wearing braces. The sad truth is, there really are some side effects. Wearing braces is basically having an alloy of different metals like iron and nickel in your mouth all the time. This can be really bad for the health.
The Faculty of Odontology at the University of Buenos Aires has a lot of scientists who stated that wearing braces can lead to serious side effects. This exact same thing happened to a 31-year old who went to the emergency room with horrible discomfort in the mouth. After examination, they found that he had an osteosarcoma, which is a cancerous tumor located in the jaw.
After the doctors carried out an investigation as to the cause of the tumor, they found out that there had been a deformation in his teeth. The majority of his loose or fixed teeth were hurting him severely. After examining the tumor as well they found a significant amount of metals. The metals they found were typical for making dental braces.
The patient wasn’t lucky enough to beat the cancer, and after a while it spread all through his mouth. However, this case opened a new area in the medicine and doctors went into deeper research on the subject. They found out that wearing braces for a significant amount of time can be detrimental to the health.  Also, wearing braces needs to be followed by a balanced diet in order to keep the brace metals in a good condition.
This is a very important discovery, because many people nowadays wear braces to correct their teeth. Raising awareness of this can help save a lot of lives and prevent mouth cancer.
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