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The chants of “lock her up” by an arena full of 30,000 Trump supporters was one of the highlights of this campaign. The question of what to do with the Clinton’s now has come up often with Donald Trump even suggesting they have been through enough. I see the logic in that line of thinking.
I also see the logic behind Judge Jeanine Pirro’s demand that we do not let the Clinton’s off. Pirro claims the Clinton Foundation is the bigger scandal, not the emails, because it is a massive criminal enterprise.
Pirro ripped the foundation saying,
“It’s about a slush fund. … They’re going after money laundering, conspiracy, RICO, corruption.”
The Clinton’s use the  foundation to curry favor, pay off people, get wealthy, pay for Chelsea’s wedding, etc. It is their personal piggy bank.
They even hid Huma there in some fake job that paid a lot after her husband, disgraced pervert Anthony Weiner’s first sexting scandal.
Patronage plain and simple. A slush fund. A racket. Corruption.
Judge Pirro slammed Hillary saying “a failure to pursue a case against her will show Americans that there is no such thing as equal justice under the law in the United States, and that if you’re African-American you may be going to jail but not if you’re a Clinton.”
Pirro then gave Clinton some terrifying news, Pennsylvania Congressman Chaka Fattah got 10 years hard time for doing a lot less than Hillary.
10 years in the clink for a fraction of the corruptions we already know Hillary committed. So that is the minimum time she will be out away for.
And to think the Clinton’s almost got away with it. They were so close. If not for Trump and his army of supporters we would have Clinton Inc. looting our nation unimpeded.
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