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Look at Your Palm and Find Out What it Means When You Have a Triangle , Star or a Diamond!

Palm reading has its roots back to the distant past. No matter whether you believe in what your hand says or not, palm reading is done primarly for leisure and entertainment, and as an activity it was loved by our ancestors too.
Our palm has a lot of lines, circles, shapes – but these next are the most common ones with a specific meaning. Find out what a triangles, stars and diamonds mean!
* Triangle
This shape means that you have some special talent, and if you can see it clearly it means you are going to become famous and respected.
* Star
This is a shape found at the ends of some of the striking lines. If you have this shape it measn you have some powerful abilities, wheter they are mental capabilities or tremendous power or skills.
* Diamond
People who find this shape on their palm, are most like an adventurous type. They have an incredible courage and nothing can stop them in making their dreams come true! They are researchers and always search for something new and unknown.
Now, those were the most common ones. But, here are several more interesting shapes with interesting meaning:
* Fish
This symbol represents religion and tradition.
* Half Moon
Person with this shape can literally predict the future.
* Trident
People who have this shape have some sort of protection in life, something divine and nothing can hurt him.
* Cross
This symbol represents a person who has specific spiritual knowledge.
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