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10 Ways You Can Tell The Difference Between Love And Sex.

If you are ever wondering just how much a man is into you, don’t. We have heard it many times how the male species do not like to be vocal about their feelings and emotions. This can be incredibly frustrating for women; we have been taught to express how we feel about things from a young age.
Just because your man is not as outspoken as you, does not mean he is not interested or doesn't care. It’s all in the details. Men have feelings and are more than happy to show them, albeit, their own way. Start paying attention to all the things he does to ensure you are happy, particularly when you are together.
One way men are not afraid to express how they feel about you is in the bedroom. Being a great lover is not just about intercourse. There is so much intimacy and love involved before, during, and after lovemaking that we sometimes confuse it with just good sex. This is the type of sex men have when they have fallen in love with you hard.
#1. He loves to kiss you and we don't just mean on the mouth.
A man in love will want to kiss every part of your body. Sometimes it will be sweet and tender and others it feels like he wants to devour you like a rich dessert.
#2. Part of him achieving pleasure is satisfying you in the process.
Your man is not selfish. He takes his time with foreplay, using the right moves to make sure you also reach climax. Even after you are both exhausted from your love romp, he will cuddle you and tenderly hold your hand.
#3. He is a modern explorer when it comes to studying every inch of your body.
Part of the exploration means he also wants to know what you like in bed. He won't force you to tell him, he will follow your direction based on your reaction. When you are ready to verbalize what other adventures you want to embark on, he is more than ready to be part of it.
#4. He is certainly confident in bed but he is also a willing student wanting to learn what turns you on.
Yes, we all have a pretty good understanding of the erogenous zone but he wants to know YOUR erogenous zone. He does not mind trying every spot until he finds the areas that pleasure you the most.
#5. Your lovemaking can get pretty intense but that does not mean he doesn't have a sense of humour.
Let's be honest, sometimes positions, body parts or even sounds get in the way of a serious sexual moment. If he can laugh about it then you know he is 100% comfortable in your company.
#6. He goes through the whole process of setting the right mood for you.
He knows he wants to seduce you. You know you want to be seduced. He will try the red rose petals, champagne, or rent a hotel room with an amazing view. He is willing to do whatever it takes to get you in the mood.
#7. The weather channel may be warning residents to avoid the road and just stay home.
He could care less if a huge storm is hitting the city, he is going to drive to your place with the excuse to keep you company but really all he wants to do is have passionate lovemaking.
#8. He may not be the kind of guy who will shout "I love you," in the middle of a crowd.
Yet when he is in bed with you he tells you how much he loves you with a lot of passion and conviction. Enjoy the confession, it's heartfelt.
#9. After a long night filled with passion and lots of sex, he falls asleep on you.
This does not mean he's had his fill and now he's done. He is completely and totally at peace, relaxed in your arms.
#10. He is willing to give up his favourite TV show for a night with you!
You may think any guy will give up watching TV for sex, any sex. Not so, men will put the remote aside and give you his undivided attention if he loves you. He does hope you both get to enjoy the show together afterwards though.
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