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Man Gives Up His First Class Seat As Old Man Occupies It, Then A Third Man Comes And Changes His Life

If you thought being good won’t get you anywhere, read on:
“I was flying from the states to the Middle East for a job interview, my connecting flight was little late and when I arrived at the gate the boarding had already started, first class passengers already entered, now the economy class were boarding. After I got to my first class seat, an old man was sitting on my seat already, I showed the seat number to the gentleman on my seat, he couldn’t understand and he just looked away, then I turned to the hostess, she said yeah I saw he is not in his seat, I’m waiting for two male hostess to come and carry him to his seat in economy class. Then I looked closer and realized that the gentleman on my seat had medical issues and was old and couldn’t walk without help.
I told her her never mind, just give me his seat in economy class and I will take it.
Then I went to economy class.
An hour later when the seat belts where turned off, I saw the hostess point a finger at me while talking to a man. Then the man came to me and said
The man: what you did right there was really a great thing.
Me: who are you?
The man: I’m sitting right next to the elderly man that you gave up your seat for
Me: Oh, It is not a big deal
The man: the old man on your seat has no idea what you did for him, he doesn’t know someone gave up the seat for him and paid a lot for that.
Me: not a big deal, ( I was eager to get back to in-flight entertainment )
The man: here is my business card, (he wrote his home phone at the back).
Me: thanks
The interview I travelled for that long didn’t work out. I googled the business card he gave me while I was in my hotel room waiting for a flight back home and realized they do the same work as the company I was originally interviewing for.
I gave him a call in the morning and said I want to meet him, I met in his office, after coffee, and greetings, I broke the news:
Me: I need a job, I know what you guys do and I can contribute to it.
The man: you are hired, you start first of May.
The shortest interview I have ever been to or anyone I know.
That man became my mentor for the rest of my life. I don’t work for him anymore but we are still close.
He made me a stronger person and I appreciate him. I gave up a first class seat and gained a first class mentor.”
This goes on to show that you may never know when luck may come in disguise and turn your wheel of fortune. So next time you’re about to say something mean or be selfish, just pause and think: is that really the kind of person you want to be? Being good doesn’t hurt and it doesn’t cost a penny either. So smile as much as you can, give those in need a helping hand and do your bit for the greater good. It may or may not make you a millionaire but you’re certainly going to be a happier and fulfilled person in the long run.
Credit: The original article was posted on Quora by Farah IImie.
via Life Hack
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