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Mom Always Wears Her Baby Sling While Cooking. Then, One Day, She Feels Something Burning On Her Chest

A new mom is warning other parents about the dangers of cooking with baby slings after her kitchen mistake nearly ended in tragedy.
According to Kidspot, Molly Landis from Milwaukee was cooking over the stove on November 29, when a fireball shot out and exploded right onto her chest.
“This caused open wounds and burns to my face and chest,” she wrote in a Facebook post alongside a devastating photo of her lying in a hospital bed with severe burns. “Yes, this is horrible and painful but I haven’t been able to stop thinking about how lucky I truly am.”
Molly had just given birth four weeks earlier and had already slipped into a routine of cooking while wearing her baby in her sling.
“We know we all love being hands-free, especially with a needy babe,” Molly wrote.
But now, Molly fully believes a “guardian angel” was watching over her and her family because “for the first time in her life she fell asleep in her swing and I wasn’t wearing her while I was in the kitchen.”
The most horrific burns Molly suffered are all over her chest—right where her daughter’s head would have been.

I don't normally post this kind of stuff or personal information but after sharing this story with close friends I am...

Posted by Molly Landis on Thursday, 1 December 2016
Now that the shock of the night has finally started to wear off, Molly is begging parents to think twice before making the same mistake she did.
“The point of my message is to pleaseeeee be cautious of the activities we do while wearing our babies!” she wrote. “Since this happened I have had so many mums say ‘OMG, I do that all the time’ .. we never think it could happen to us and I never thought it would happen to me. So grateful she wasn’t near the explosion.”
In a matter of days, Molly’s story has been shared more than 18,000 times by parents all over the world.
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