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URGENT: Obama Just Started New Cold War With Russia! This is REALLY Bad…

Source: Putin - Radio_TV_IBS_Liberty : Obama - calibansfolly:
President Barack Obama is not exactly known for making “good decisions.” Just look at ISIS and Obamacare. Still, even those DISASTERS cannot begin to compare to his THREAT to Russia last night…
That’s right! Obama thought it was a good idea to PROMISE a retaliation to Russia for their unproven “election hacks”. He told NPR News that the US will strike back at a “time and place of our choosing.”
This is LITERALLY a Cold War. Threats of possible violence or hacking at mysterious times in a Power Struggle between the US and Russia. Did these idiots forget about the last Cold War? IT WAS TERRIBLE!!
We need a peacemaker, not a warmonger like Obama. Do I trust Putin? Absolutely not! Still, I know Russia is extremely powerful and well armed which means they can serve 1 of 2 positions: Ally or Enemy.
I prefer an ally. After all, Vladimir Putin also wants to help root out the evils of Radical Islam and stabilize the Middle East.
However, let’s not forget the REAL issue here…
Trump is RIGHT! Why would Obama not have done anything if he knew it was a problem for months? Well, according to Obama insiders who spoke to NBC News, Obama ignored it because he “knew” that Hillary Clinton would win. (H/T – Daily Mail)
Seriously, this is how the Political Elites think. They are so sure they own our country that they are arrogant. The only thing that this story tells us for sure is OBAMA NEEDS TO GO!! Share if you agree!
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