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Remember This Kid's Memes? A Lot of People Must Have Seen Him. Look What It Has Done So Far.

This little chap became the darling of the internet a decade ago, when a photo of him on the beach went viral. Little did he know that his fistful of sand back then would turn into a fistful of dollars that would save his dad’s life all these years later.
And that is exactly what Sam Griner managed to do for his father, Justin. But first, let’s rewind back to 2007. That’s when his mum, Laney, shared her pictures of Sam, then 11 months old, on Flickr as he played on the beach. And he wasn’t actually doing a fist pump – he was trying to eat a handful of sand.
The snaps were meant for friends and family… but Sam’s memorable expression became an internet sensation that led CNN to dub him, “Likely the internet’s most famous baby.” And that would come to dad Justin’s rescue more than eight years later, when he fell seriously ill.
Justin had suffered with kidney issues since before his son was born and while dialysis kept the condition at bay, it was only a stop-gap. In 2015, Justin was told that his only hope was a transplant – but this came with an enormous $75,000 price tag. With that sum far beyond the family’s means, the Griners decided to start a GoFundMe page – although they did so far more in hope than expectation.
But the Griners had reckoned without their son’s famous face – for the internet had not forgotten Sam from all those years past.
Within days of opening the account, the shocked family had raised the $75,000 needed. In fact generous souls from across the world went on to donate in excess of $100,000 in order to save Justin.
That meant that Sam’s dad got his transplant, which doctors told him was a success. As for Sam, his mom summed up his feelings, according to LittleThings saying, “He’s extremely proud that, because of his photo’s popularity, we were able to raise far more than we ever dreamed.”
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