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Science Says Eating Chocolate Cake For Breakfast Is Very Healthy. Here's Why.

So my sweet toothed friends, I have the most exciting news for you as science says eating chocolate for breakfast can help you lose weight.
We already know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but you can toss your cereal back in the box and get down to business with some real chocolatey goodness.
Don’t believe me? Here’s the evidence to back up this ‘too good to be true’ claim.
According to various studies, we should eat chocolate first thing in the morning at the time when the body’s metabolism is working hardest.
Researchers from Tel Aviv University found that combining chocolate with protein and carbohydrates for breakfast guards against sugar cravings throughout the day. This means as you have already had your sugar fix, you are less likely to crave it and snack on junk in the afternoon.
The 32-week study was conducted on 193 non-diabetic, clinically obese participants who were split into two groups.
One group was given a 300 calorie breakfast every morning whereas the others ate a 600 calorie breakfast including chocolate pudding. I know which group I would prefer to be in!
Professor Daniela Jkubowicz, lead researcher in the study, noted long term benefits of a large, sugary breakfast: The second group of dieters lost on average 37 pounds more than the former, reporting fewer sugar cravings.
Thanks to this study, you can now enjoy chocolate for breakfast and ditch the side of guilt that usually accompanies it!
According to Elite Daily, Liz Moskow, food trend expert and culinary director at Sterling-Rice Group, thinks there will now be a huge rise in chocolate-based breakfast food trends as everyone wants a taste of this for breakfast!
That’s not all we’ve got either.
The Maine-Syracuse Longitudinal Study served up a real treat when they researched the health benefits of dark chocolate.
They found the tasty treat can improve cognitive function and enhance reasoning, memory and focus.
Bring on the chocolate, I say!
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