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She Was A Strong Supporter Of Bringing Muslim ‘Refugee’s To Sweden, Yet This Was Her Fate

She was a member of the “We Like Diversity” Facebook page, called herself “multicultural” and a supporter of Third-world immigration into Sweden, the country of her birth.
Maybe in those last few moments of life, she changed her mind about a few things, as if it made any difference.
On that day, Elin and her african immigrant killer were riding the same tram to the Hisingen neighbourhood in Sweden.
Shortly thereafter Krantz was found raped and murdered in a wooded area not far from the tram stop.
Her 23-year-old African “refugee” (who supposedly once lived in the US) killer was arrested shortly after the killing. He was charged with murder and aggravated rape. According to the prosecutors, the attack was one of “extreme ruthlessness”
Please SHARE this everywhere to raise awareness of this horrific crime. The mainstream media tries to portray these ‘refugees’ as a peaceful and freedom-loving people, but that’s just not the case at all.
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