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He Was Sickened By The Hollywood Illuminati Rituals That Angelina Introduced Him To

Once news broke out about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s relationship everyone was thrilled. The Brangelina duo was the golden standard for Hollywood couples, they were both stunning to look at, both had great philanthropic affinities, were sophisticated and most importantly loving parents and partners. However, it didn’t last as long as everyone had expected and not long ago the truth behind their smiling faces was revealed – the couple is going through a divorce, and a nasty one. They’ve both taken their dirty underwear to the media and their public quarrels are shaping up to become a real media circus. There were some pretty serious allegations against Pitt about his heavy drinking, substance abuse, violent outburst and poor parenting. Angelina on the other hand is being portrayed as unstable and apparently according to latest media articles, Brad Pitt himself has said that his wife has been a member of the Illuminati since her youth.
Brad Pitt Alleges Angelina Jolie Is A Member Of The Illuminati
Just 4 days after Jolie filed the divorce papers a video leaked to YouTube which shows a young Angelina at just 23 years of age discussing the inner workings of Hollywood with a friend and describing the Illuminati rituals which allegedly she participated in. The video was soon afterwards taken down, making matters even more suspicious.
Speculations about Jolie’s involvement with the shadowy organization started circling as did allegations about her years-long membership and the considerable benefits it brought to her career. Brad Pitt on the other hand, is believed not to be involved with the secret society and that he kept a safe distance. Can he have resisted it? Some believe he was involved as well, especially after he was seen making Illuminati 666 gestures on camera and speaking about making a deal with the ‘devil’ to ensure the success of his latest film project in an interview. In Hollywood you can never know what the real truth among all the lies is. Some even go as far as suggesting that the video was released by Pitt’s publicists to distract the public from his more mundane problems, alcohol abuse and outbursts of rage towards his son Maddox.
What’s behind all this is still unclear, but one thing is for sure – there’s something shady behind this couple and it’s quite possible they’ve become involved with the mysterious organization.
Take a look at the video titled “Brad Pitt Illuminati Secret Doctrine Practitioner EXPOSED” below and then decide for yourself what to believe in:
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