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7 Things Every Guy Hates About Girls. #5 Is Shocking!

#7 Too Much Spandex
Men love when you wear spandex…in the gym. They don’t want to see that as your every day clothing when running errands.
#6 The Pout
He loves your juicy lips, but doesn’t want to see you pouting them like a baby in your photos.
#5 High Waisted
High waisted jeans might be chic and on trend to you, but he just sees granny pants from the 80s.
#4 Who Is That?
High waisted jeans.
Men want you to look put together and polished, but not like you have a mask of makeup on!
#3 The Scarves
Scarves and shawls seem pointless to men, because if you’re cold just wear a jacket or use a blanket.
#2 I <3 You
He can’t stand your overuse of emojis…
#1 The Nagging
He hates it when you complain, because it reminds him of his mom.
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