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Tricks To Make Your Girl Happy Are Revealed. #9 Is So Obvious

There are times when you might wonder that why your girl is not in a good mood, and you try too hard to make her happy. Well it’s not that it’s hard to keep a girl happy, girls by nature are very innocent, soft hearted and emotional too. All they need is bit of care and a reminder from time to time that you are there for her.
While many of you might be thinking that girls are complicated and it’s difficult to keep them happy, here I am to show how you can keep her happy with these simple tricks. She will surely melt down for you, scroll over and uncover the mystery: 
Spend Some Good Quality Time With Her
You may love your girl a lot more than her expectations, but if you are not spending good quality time with her, she will not know it. Take her out for evening or plan a weekend trip to some place where two of you are with each other only. Take time off for her, keep your phone and busy schedule aside and be with her, for her. Hear her out and make her feel that you do have time for her.
Surprise Her
Guys often think that a surprise would mean something expensive like a diamond ring and all, but for girls a surprise which is full of your love works wonders. A box of her favourite chocolates or just a few roses, or simply gift her something she has been wanting to buy, all this will make her feel special and she will appreciate your efforts. Surprise her when is she expecting it the least and see the smile on her face and a sparkle in her eyes.
Play your favourite video games together with her
Your girl may have often seen you playing video games with your buddies. Trust me it will make her really happy if you bring out your video games and play together with her. Even if she is not in a good mood, once she sees the little child side of you, she will love to be with the kid inside you.
Tickling Games
If you find your girl getting bored or feeling low, just play the old school game of tickling. The tickle will make her forget her worries and boost her mind. Especially when she would get tickled by the man she loves, it would mean a lot to her.
Close To Nature
Being indoors can be quiet monotonous for some girls. Some girls love being close to nature. So ask her to meet you for dinner in an open garden or take her for a walk in some nearby place which is full of greenery. This will lighten her head and pep her mood up. Being close to nature will bring the two of you closer too.
Shopping Is A Girl’s Best Friend
And this is no understatement. All girls love to shop, so take some time out and take her for shopping. For sure even if you would make shopping plan in last minute, she will not refuse it. Shopping is the ultimate pick me up for all girls.
Pillow Fights
Just like tickling, pillow fights is again a quick trick to cheer her up and bring a smile on her face. So just grab a pillow and get into some good fun. Chances are that it will lead something more than just a smile.
Cook A Meal For Her
Before she wakes up, cook a meal for her, even if it is a simple sandwich or just a cup of coffee or any simple dish, the very fact that you made it for her will make her feel special. This pleasant surprise will set her in right mood.
Kiss Her When She Is Least Expecting It
Whether you just hold her hand while walking or kiss her from behind when she is cooking or kiss her romantically when she is least expecting it, the warmth of your will make her feel your love. This is a very comforting gesture for a girl as she feels secure and feels your love. Try it and you will notice that her expressions say it all.
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