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Where You Get Acne On Your Body Could Explain The REAL Reason You Break Out...

Acne is most commonly related to teenagers however it can occur at any age, and almost everyone at some point finds themselves suffering from an acne outbreak. It usually occurs on face. Some of the other common spots where acne occurs are:
For each area where acne occurs, there are separate reasons for their occurrence which indicate different health issues.
Acne can occur due to:
There are various reasons why acne occurs on particular spot, (see image) Acne occurs due to
Oily Skin
Hormonal levels
Did you notice Acne at Jaw Line
Acne at jaw line indicates hormonal imbalances or glandular problem. It could be an overactive adrenal gland caused by too much sugar.
Oh! Acne at Shoulders & Neck
Acne which concentrated on your neck & shoulders indicate that you are having some stress. It is suggested to do some form meditation or yoga or simply chill out and release your mind off stress.
Whoops, Acne On Chest
Acne on this area indicates poor digestive tract. You will need to re-look into your diet and avoid oily & fried foods. Intake of green vegetable & fruits should be increased.
Severe Acne On Back & Shoulders ?
Severe cystic acne on back & shoulders indicate poor nervous and digestive system. This type of acne should not be ignored and it requires to be treated by skin specialist dermatologist.
Acne on Belly Is Not Good
Breaking out on your stomach can mean something dangerous, it could be because your blood sugar levels are high. This again should not be ignored and treatment to control sugar should be seeked.
And What if you Have Acne on Your Elbows
Acne like bumps on elbows could mean “Keratosis Polaris” caused by poor circulation and over production of dead cells. Lack of vitamins is the culprit behind these bumps.
Acne at Butt
Acne occurring on this area means you are not using right innerwear. Try to get breathable innerwear, preferably in cotton fabric .There is a possibility that acne here is caused by sweat and dirt getting trapped in your skin. Also consider diet change.
Understanding Acne
The best way to deal with acne is by understanding it. As explained each area means different health issue, which needs to be addressed accordingly to combat it more effectively.
Understanding the Know How
It is helpful to be aware that how acne is formed at each stage before it surfaces on skin. Also it is imperative to know how to treat it at each stage.
Understanding the Causes
The most common causes of acne are oily & junk foods, wrong makeup, hormonal imbalances & certain medications.
Taking Control of Acne Is Not Difficult
To get rid of acne or control acne, remember:
Maintain Hygiene, Stay clean,
Wear Breathable Clothing, (Preferable Soft Cottons)
Avoid heavy Makeup
Exercise/ Meditate/ Walking - they all will go a long way in keeping skin healthy
Drink water & Eat Well
Do not Pop Acne, it will aggravate the condition and leave nasty scars.
By following these points and keeping yourself informed on type of acne you dealing with, you can potentially clear up your acne in no time.
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