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He Drank This Magic Drink Every Day And Lived For 109 Years!

This is a story for Thomas Man one great legend, and for him there are several publications. That includes two broadsheets – after his death, he was known as Old Parr or Old Tom Parr.
He was born in 1483, and all the time he was working as a husbandman in Winnington. He married Jane Taylor at the age of 80, and they were happy with two children.
This is his famous recipe, and helped him to live 109 years
A diet of onions, buttermilk, green cheese, onions or mild ale (of course in special occasions) and no smoking kept him healthy.
His recipe I based on “Keep your head cool by temperance and your feet warm by exercise. You have to wake up early, go soon to bed, and if you want to grow fat keep your eyes open and your mouth shut”.
Here is his drink for long life:
Drinking whey daily is an ancient remedy, recommended by Hippocrates. This protein is the best studied supplement in the world, because the protein fraction of whey separated from milk during cheese production.
Whey is highly digestible, and absorbed quickly compared to others proteins. This can be used as a substitute for milk in the diet of babies, because is similar to breast milk.
Try to make your own whey, from raw milk and don’t forget, the best one is goats whey.
Do not use the milk from animals that were fed with hormones. From 2.5 gallons of milk you can get 2.3 gallons of whey and 2 pounds of cheese.
These natural diuretic can be used three times a day, 5 oz and then increase the amount.
The protein is easy to use into the diet, it has sold taste and can be added to smoothies, water, milk or yogurts. The recommended dosage is 25-50 grams.
Health benefits of whey
Upset stomach, digestion problem, are not a problem any more. Take one tablespoon of whey in glass of mentioned liquids, and consume it before meal.
In this way you’ll keep your joints and ligaments elastic. It has great benefits for your skin and hair.
There is one study in overweight people who consumed this protein, as a supplement, 54g/day for 12 weeks lowered blood pressure by 4%.
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