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20 Things Only Girls Who Love Wearing Black Will Understand

I’ve always had a little bit of a love affair with black clothes.
From the gym to the streets to the bars and just about everywhere in between, you can usually find me in black. Why? Because it’s easy, it’s flattering and it’s got a little edge to it. I’m definitely not the girliest person I know and my wardrobe definitely reflects that.
As I type this article with chipped black nail polished fingers and a head to toe black sweatpants ensemble, I know there are more than a few girls out there who can relate to my chosen lifestyle. Or as my mom would put it, a lifestyle of “black clothes and colorful language”.
1. You know that black does not always match black.
There’s faded back, pitch black and about 50 shades in between.
2. You don’t feel like yourself when you wear other colors.
“I don’t even know who I am anymore.”
3. You fully appreciate and often take advantage of black’s “slimming effect”.
Go ahead girl, you eat that pizza.
4. People always ask if you’re “going to a funeral”
“Yeah. Yours.”
5. Or joke that your outfit “matches your soul”
However accurate of a statement that might be, it’s still annoying.
6. Black will always be “the new black”
Not orange. And definitely not pink. Not even on Wednesdays.
7. “That’s cute! Does it come in black?”
A phrase said at least 5 times everytime you go shopping.
8. It looks great when you’re tan.
Then again, what doesn’t.
9. Still looks great when you’re pale.
Because winter sucks.
10. It makes you feel like a badass.
A little black leather can go a long ways.
11. Your closet looks like this:
The accuracy of this is astounding.
12. You can rewear your clothes a lot more than the average girl.
Because your black crop top is a little less identifiable in pictures than that pink floral shirt hanging in your best friend’s closet.
13. When your friends wore bright, pretty dresses to prom you showed up in something like this:
14. You regularly relate to the term “All black everything” on a much greater level than most people.
Don’t lie, you’ve used that as a caption on Instagram.
15. Stains? What are stains.
No need to sort your laundry into ‘whites’ and ‘colors’ when everything is black.
16. Accessories are easy.
Gold or silver? Doesn’t matter, they both match with black. Lazy girls rejoice!
17. There’s no dumb rules about wearing it after Labor Day.
But you were never much of a rule follower anyways.
18. Your friends don’t really bother asking what you’re wearing anymore.
“Imagine that, Erin’s wearing black tonight.”
19. You’re like a modern day Johnny Cash.
More like the (Wo)man in black.
20. You fully agree with this statement.
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