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A Thai Woman Found Him In An Alley, Thinking He Was A Cat. But After Picking Him Up, She Realized She Had Never Seen Anything Like It.

Last year in Chiang Mai, Thailand, neighbors were convinced a bomb had gone off. Later it was revealed that the loud, thunderous noise had actually been caused by loose wires in the street. Though initially there seemed to be no serious injuries in the aftermath, Walai Sriboonvorakul, 49, was walking around the area when she saw something terrifying.
On the ground lay a helpless cat, approximately one year old, who was missing his front legs and tail: he had been electrocuted by the wires in the street, and appeared to be in a hopeless state. However, Walai was determined not to give up on the little fellow, whom she affectionately named “Able.” The woman brought him to her home, and Able’s road to recovery began.
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