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15 Toxic Habits That Push Guys Away… #12 Is A Total Relationship Killer.

Women often complain that all the good men are taken. It may feel this way but it does not mean this is actually the case. People are complex and hard to understand at times. It’s no wonder that despite how great someone may be, some relationships are bound to fail.
Believe it or not, guys love being in a solid, committed relationship as much as you do. When he asks you out, it’s because he wants to know you better. Other times guys can fall in love instantly with the right woman. Once folks are in a committed and loving union, they tend to fall back on bad habits that just don’t make anyone want to stick around for long.
Here is a list of 15 things women do that drive men absolutely crazy. Some may be trivial and innocent while others are just not healthy behaviours for either party.
#1. Trust in any relationship is important. If you are going to ask him questions, be prepared for his honesty.
Don't assume he is doing something wrong if he doesn't respond back to you right away. He is not at your beck and call anymore than you are to his.
#2. She is jealous of his female friends. That's your problem, not his!
A man being able to have a regular friendship with someone from the opposite sex is good. That means he sees women as his equal as opposed to a potential hook-up.
#3. He's not perfect and neither are you.
Keep the expectations in the relationship realistic and fair. He is not a prince and you are not a princess. Be mature at what you can both bring to the relationship.
#4. When you compete over everything from working out to how much money each person makes.
Fun and friendly competition is ok. But when you are constantly trying to outdo him or beat him in things, it can get tiring quickly. He already knows you're pretty awesome, no need to keep proving it.
#5. Her insecurity gets to a level that is unnerving to both of you.
Giving him space is important. Not every guy cheats and assuming your current lover is one will only drive him away from you. Believe that you are enough for him.
#6. If you are really upset about something, find the right time and place to discuss it.
It's really none of anyone's business what your problem is, so don't argue in public. You are both embarrassing yourselves.
#7. Keep your problems private. Stop going to your girlfriend to tell him everything you hate about him.
You are dating him not your friends. If you have issues that need to be resolved, than talk to him about it. Respect the relationship enough to keep private matters, private.
#8. It was really cute and endearing when you use to steal food from his plate.
You may be ordering a small dinner or no dessert but then see what he orders and want one or many bites off his plate. It's not fair, he's hungry too and wants to enjoy his meal as much as you do. If you don't think you can finish your meal, just get the rest to-go.
#9. She is always late for everything because she is getting ready.
Hey we are all late once in a while. Plan your day so you make your date on time. Being late to make an entrance is immature. Be conscious of his time the way he is with yours.
#10. She uses sex as a tool to manipulate rather than an intimate act.
Why does it feel that when she's in the mood it's because she wants something? Likewise, if she is not getting her way she wants nothing to do with you physically. Sex is a beautiful act two people in love get to enjoy together. It should never be used as a means to an end.
#11. Unless you are finding a cure for a major illness or ending world hunger, put the phone down.
Yes, social media is fun. We all love to connect and share anecdotes with family and friends. But you are missing the reality and beauty life has to offer. So put the phone away and enjoy being together, disconnected from everything else.
#12. She holds on to grudges and even keeps a list.
We all make mistakes. But if the guy has apologized and taken the steps to correct his error, you need to let it go. You are not perfect and he has forgiven you for your mishaps, return the favour.
#13. You can't read minds and she should know that by now.
When you feel and know she is upset but seriously don't know why. Women tend to assume that men will automatically know what they have done to wrong them. Just be straight-forward and tell him what's made you upset.
#14. When you refuse to believe or accept a nice compliment.
He obviously thinks you are beautiful, smart, and funny. Why else go through all the trouble to be with you. When he praises you it's because it comes from the heart.
#15. Not everything has to be planned out and be perfect.
When things don't go as plan, it does not mean the day is ruined. Sometimes this is the making of awesome memories. So let your hair down and have fun.
[Source: LifeBuzz]
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