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Lets Get REAL About What Happens To BOOBS In Your 20s, 30s, And 40s.

And yet we probably still have a lot of unanswered questions that we are either too ashamed to ask or don’t even know where to begin. Here is a list of fascinating facts about breasts. It may not convince you to love yours, but you will certain appreciate your body more. I can't believe #15 is not common knowledge.
#1. Breasts come in all different shapes and sizes.
It is very normal and common for one breast to be larger than the other.
#2. You might have noticed that your breasts change over the years.
Breasts change throughout a woman's life. Do you know why this happens?
#3. When you're in your 20's...
Breasts tend to be perkier at this stage in life. This is also the time when the body is settling into its adult stage.
#4. Monthly period cycle.
Breasts are larger during the menstrual cycle as hormones level increase.
Monthly period cycle.
#5. When you gain or lose weight they will change.
The breast and fat tissue in the breasts will decrease with weight loss and increase with weight gain. Although the amount of fat lost or gained is different for everyone as the composition of fat and tissue varies.
#6. Some women love their breasts when they are pregnant.
During pregnancy there is an increase in the ducts, blood vessels, and breast lobules. This makes the bust larger, heavier, and tender.
#7. Sometimes during periods breasts change.
During a period, breasts feel lumpy and rope-like. The mammary glands are getting ready for a pregnancy and therefore the size is larger. When this does not happen, the breasts return to their regular size.
#8. Menopause.
When menopause hits, estrogen and progesterone levels decrease. Consequently, glandular tissue decreases and the connective tissue loses elasticity. The gland that was meant to produce milk also shrinks.
#9. Estrogen changes everything.
Estrogen causes the breast ducts to enlarge while progesterone makes the milk glands swell. As these hormones decrease, so does the firmness in the breasts.
Estrogen changes everything.
#10. For some, these changes are normal and natural.
This is part of our bodies changing and preparing for the different stages in life.
#11. But there's a SECRET to keeping your breasts firm.
It's not a tube bra nor jumping rope.
#12. And it doesn't involve surgery!
There is no need to put yourself under the knife.
#13. Wearing a bra.
As soon as puberty hits, most girls start wearing a training bra. But it may not be that necessary.
Wearing a bra.
#14. Ditching the bra will keep the breast tissue firm.
When breasts are stuffed in a bra, there is no circulation. Furthermore, researchers believe the muscle will begin to sag the longer you wear a bra.
Ditching the bra will keep the breast tissue firm.
#15. Women gain more tone and support by not wearing a bra.
Researches believe breast tissue and tone would be built if a bra was not worn. In a study where women went without bras, they were found to have a seven millimetre lift in their nipples in comparison to those that wear them daily.
#16. Collagen production and elasticity.
Younger women not wearing a bra will benefit from increase elasticity and collagen production. Nonetheless, not everyone wears a bra to avoid sagging.
#17. Can you imagine not wearing a bra?
To increase their perkiness, you may want to consider going without a bra.
#18. So what do you think?
Who knew bras could be so overrated.
H/T: LifeBuzz
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