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Cops Walk In 79-Yr-Old’s Home – They Go Straight To Fridge. When They See What’s Inside…

A 79-year-old man from Tennessee called his local police station with an emergency that will break your heart.
He was alone, hadn’t eaten in two days, and had been robbed by the very person who was supposed to be taking care of him. With no money, no food and harsh winter conditions keeping him indoors, the desperate man didn’t know where else to turn.
He phoned the Mount Pleasant dispatch with a simple and urgent request: could someone please bring some food to his apartment?
Four police officers immediately rose to the occasion, fulfilling their promise to protect and serve their community. Officers Brian Gray, Nathan Bolton, Buddy Odom and Adam Runions pulled money from their own pockets and purchased enough food to stock the man’s pantry for a month.
Posted by WCN on Saturday, 9 January 2016
But they didn’t stop there.
The officers set out to create a more sustainable solution for their new friend, and for other community members who may find themselves in a similarly tight spot. They began a food pantry with canned goods, open to community members in need. Then, in their glorious police fashion, they tracked down the criminal caregiver who robbed the man and arrested her for her crimes. The man has since had his bank accounts restored.
Posted by Mount Pleasant Police on Wednesday, 5 August 2015
It is unclear whether or not the man had family in the area, or if they were also trapped indoors due to bad weather. Either way, this man’s story communicates our desperate need for community.
While it’s honorable that the Mount Pleasant police officers were kindhearted toward this man, it’s saddening that he felt so alone he didn’t know who else to call, a victim of elder abuse. This man could be our father or grandfather, friend or neighbor.
Thank you to the officers who showed practical love to this man, and may we all work a little harder to be aware of the needs of the elderly in our communities.
By KIM DAVIS | Credit:
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