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This 7-Day Sex Challenge Will Change Your Life In Unexpected Ways.

Okay, we'll admit it: There's actually no reason to convince any of you that you should be having more sex -- most people can convince themselves of that just fine. But if you were in need of a little extra encouragement, we've got some facts that might inspire you to get down and dirty a little more frequently -- after all, it's for your health.
That's right: These scientific reasons center around why you should have sex as much as you can (like, every day) for the multitude of health benefits frequent sex can offer. From increased cardiac performance to mood elevation, there's a whole lot of good that a whole lot of sex can do for you. Find out what, below.
#1. Convince your partner to have sex every day for seven days.
And if the mere idea of doing it once a day isn't enough, try to outline some of the benefits of doing so.
#2. If not daily, do it at least four times a week .
If for no other reason than it's lucrative: Studies show that people who have sex at least four times per week generally earn more money than people who don't.
#3. But what are those health benefits, specifically?
For starters, it's great cardio: You're basically working every muscle in your body at once.
#4. And doing regular cardio (even in sex form) has it's benefits, too.
Think about it: Frequent cardio makes you look and feel younger. Why not elevate your heart rate with sex?
#5. Sex also has mental benefits.
When you orgasm, your brain releases endorphins that can help combat depression and anxiety.
#6. In fact, a lot of chemicals for positive brain function are contained in semen.
Endorphins, estrone, prolactin, oxytocin and thyrotropin are all released through a mans semen.
#7. It also sparks emotional bonds.
Let's face it: There's nothing that promotes intimacy quite like regular sex.
#8. Orgasms can block pain.
Studies have shown that vaginal stimulation can block chronic back and leg pain, and that masturbation can reduce menstrual cramps, arthritic pain, and headaches."
#9. Sex can also keep your blood pressure at a healthier level.
Many studies have repeatedly shown that regular sex can lower your systolic blood pressure.
#10. As a result of all these health benefits, regular sex an help you live longer.
Researchers show that those who have more sex live longer than those who don't -- and besides, wanting to stay alive is as good an excuse for sex as any.
(Source: LifeBuzz)
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