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Could The Body Of A Homeless Man Explain What REALLY Happened To Bob Marley?

Bob Marley was da man! The Jamaican singer-songwriter, musician and guitarist had achieved international fame by blending reggae, ska and rocksteady into his music. But on July 1977, doctors found a malignant melanoma growing under one of his toenails. After years of treatments, Marley's health continued to deteriorate. Even doctors at the Cedars of Lebanon Hospital in Miami, Florida couldn't save him and he died on May 11, 1981. He received a state funeral in Jamaica on May 21st, 1981 and was buried in a chapel near his birthplace. But now rumors have surfaced that what we thought was true about Marley's demise may have been a lie.
Conspiracy theorists are often known for making some huge, and often unsubstantiated claims about a variety of things.
UFO's, Government conspiracies, and now Bob Marley! So we thought it would be appropriate to use Marley's "Say what?" Facial expression to address these unbelievable claims that he faked his death.
Tabloids aren't exactly known for being a reliable source of information, but they sure are fun to read sometimes.
But this brand new scoop appears to be a real head shaker. But is it a hoax? Did Marley really not die in 1981?
Rumors were sparked after the discovery of a dead body in Kingston, Jamaica.
This was not only Marley's homeland, but also the place he was living in before making his final move to the hospital in Miami, Florida.
The body of a John Doe was found in a discarded cardboard box behind a restaurant in downtown Kingston, Jamaica, and was initially presumed to be a homeless man.
When investigators began sifting through the few items the man had, they found a broken guitar, a small quantity of marijuana, and a faded picture of the Houses of Parliament in London, but certainly nothing that could help them identify him.
So how did the tabloids come to the conclusion that this dead homeless man could be Bob Marley?
Well it turns out that not everyone believed that Bob Marley passed away on May 11, 1981.
Maybe it was wishful thinking. After all, he wouldn't be the only celebrity who has died that people couldn't accept passed away.
Marley, was a legend like Elvis Presley and the world lost both of these music icons way too soon. Also, given that Marley was only 36 years old when the melanoma metastasized and took his life, it makes perfect sense that fans would do anything to keep him alive.
To confirm the man's identity, the body was taken to the Jamaican National DNA Database Facility, and what happened next was unbelievable.
The DNA matched Bob Marley's! But Jacob Chambers, the chief coroner said, "I thought it must be a joke." This meant that someone out there had gotten it totally wrong back in 1981. But how and more importantly, why?
Chambers concluded that somebody was playing a joke on them. So he told his assistant to label the body as "persons unknown."
This meant that the body would be cremated by authorities and the death records would state that he was an unknown male in his late sixties to early seventies.
Then that very afternoon, the coroner's office got a visit from the men in black.
They came wearing dark suits and sunglasses and claimed they were government officials who confirmed that this was indeed Bob Marley's body and that his death was faked.
Chambers claims that Marley's body was then taken, along with the DNA results and the coroner's report by these government officials.
They had also warned Chambers to stay quiet or there would be serious consequences. Clearly, Chambers did not take the threat seriously at all.
As soon as word leaked out about the homeless man's DNA comparison, the media and fans began spinning conspiracy theories like crazy.
Clearly, it was difficult to dispute what the coroner's report and the DNA tests had just proven. It seemed that Marley didn't die back in 1981 and plenty of people around the world had begun to believe that his first death was staged.
But why would someone so famous, so influential, and rich want to fake his death?
Some conspiracy theorists claim that he had been in the limelight way too long and was simply tired of it. So he decided to allegedly fake his death in exchange for a more simplistic life.
Unfortunately, if this were true, Marley was not prepared for the suffering that living this secret life would produce.
The musician may have ducked out of his position as a role model and famous singer, but something had gone terribly wrong if he ended up on the streets starving and penniless.
If Marley did fake his death, then there are a lot of questions that have remained unanswered.
For one thing, who helped fake his death? Well according to conspiracy theorists, the Jamaican government was aware that he was alive the whole time. Does this mean that they helped him out too? And who's buried in Bob Marley's grave?
The site, SNOPEs, confirmed that a faux news site, Empire News published a similar story five months earlier about a homeless man who through DNA testing was confirmed to be Elvis Presley.
Five months later, the Richmond Globe followed up with a story about Bob Marley which paralleled the Elvis story published by Empire News. In any case, it turns out that the entire thing was nothing more than an elaborate hoax.
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