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Is It Love Or Lust? These Funny Cartoons Reveal The Truth.

When you first meet him you want him to like you. You want him to think you're attractive, hot, beautiful, and sexy. You spend time looking for the most flattering clothes to wear on your dates with him. You want to look your best with your makeup perfectly done, hair looking flawless, a fresh manicure, and you want to smell irresistible. And you succeed. He absolutely adores everything about you. You can tell by the way he looks at you.
You've totally been yourself. Okay, maybe not totally. He doesn't even know you actually poop because you never have at his place. You don't burp or fart around him either. He's never even seen you get mad or eat. You eat like a bird around him.
But then as times passes, you two start getting comfortable. You aren't checking yourself in the mirror to see if your makeup is smeared. You aren't stressing about making sure your hair looks like you just left the salon. In fact, you haven't brushed it at all today and you have a coffee stain on your wrinkled shirt. You realize you are slowly allowing yourself to show the real you - the one who isn't so perfect 24/7. You even used the bathroom at his apartment. OMG!
You really, really like him. The way he looks into your eyes, the way he holds your hand while he's driving, and how he kisses your forehead. You wonder if he loves you. Did you just say LOVE? So you look for the signs.
Love and lust are two totally different things. Illustrator Karina Farek shows us the difference in the perfectly captured scenarios in her latest comic series Lust versus Love. It's totally spot-on.
By Karina Farek, Source: deMilked
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