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Muslim Migrants Try to Enforce Sharia Law on Florida Family, Immediately Get The Most Brutal Response Ever

Islam is not a religion of peace. Sure, some followers are peaceful, but the main idea behind the religion is converting or killing infidels (non-believers.)
They believe they are superior, believe the west is decadent and the problem and wish to convert every last human being to Islam and Sharia.
Sharia, in case you don’t know, is an abomination. It is a throwback to the dark ages, literally it hasn’t changes since the dark ages when barbarism ruled the world.
To say Sharia is barbaric is an understatement. It’s treatment of women a true horror.
This is what Obama will never understand, the refugees want sharia here. And they are bringing it with them as this video clearly shows.
In the below video, you see are Muslims pointing a taser at an American family because they were offended that two girls were wearing bikinis on a swimming pool.
They should learn to live in the US, or go back to their country. Because we don’t need to change our ways to accommodate them. Muslims who wants to live in America should learn the principle “if you’re in Rome do as the Romans do”
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