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Photo Of Couple On Wedding Night Goes Viral After People See What's In Their Hands (Photo)

Wedding photos are usually something for friends and relatives to look through, not the entire country.
But after taking a look at Celia and Geff Kinzel's wedding photos, you might be able to understand why their pictures are taking the internet by storm.
While most couples leave for their honeymoon after taking their vows, the couple was photographed carrying Logan, their 2-year-old son -- a cancer patient -- back to his hospital room, Good Morning America reports. 
"I was chasing them down the hallway ... they were going back up to Logan's hospital room and it was just a lucky snap of a picture," the photographer -- Celia's mother, 49-year-old Megan Dempsey -- recalls. "We were so happy that Logan was able to come down. It was just a nice day for Celia and Geff and a nice break from what's really been such a difficult time."
Later, both the hospital and Logan's grandmother posted the photo on Facebook, where it quickly got attention.
"Absolutely beautiful picture," wrote one woman on the hospital's Facebook page. "A picture with so much meaning... give that baby an extra hug for me!!!"
Celia just hopes the publicity will raise awareness of pediatric cancer. 
"Before this happened to Logan, I thought it was rare," she said. "I hope this sheds some light on it and people see that it's common."
The Ohio couple married in a chapel at Nationwide Children’s Hospital on Jan. 7 alongside Logan and their other son, 4-year-old Rowan, in front of family and friends.
Although they planned to get married in June 2018, the couple decided to push up that date after Logan was diagnosed a second time with stage 4 brain cancer. 
Despite his illness, his parents describe Logan as a vibrant, happy little boy.
"He is a charmer, he will just look at you and you fall in love with him," Celia said. "He is still smiling and playing. He had his days where he wants to lay down and be cozy all day but, for the most part, he's just a happy 2-year-old."
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