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They Got Married and He Went to War. She Didn’t Hear From Him For 68 Years, But Then…

This couple spent only six weeks together as a married couple before he had to leave to go to war. In that time that happened quite a while, but few people have suffered and waited as much as this woman.
Peggy Harris got married to Billie Harris in the 1940 and she was expecting him to be gone for a couple of months when he went to fight in World War II. But it wasn’t the case since the kiss she gave him when he left for war would be their last one.
Billie disappeared and no one in the military knew what happened to him. There were different reports. Some had him killed, others held prisoner, AWOL or missing in action. Everywhere Peggie went for answers she got a different one. There was no official record of him, she knew nothing for sure.
68 years later after she had said an imaginary goodbye to him she finally received some news. It took her a while but when she finally took matters into her own hands she found what she was looking for. Her research led her to Normandy, France, to the Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial.
There, her beloved husband was buried after he had been killed in the war.
Sure, it’s incredibly sad that they weren’t reunited, but at least after 68 years Peggy has learned the truth and can now be at peace. What is more, her husband was a war hero. A small town in France celebrates him every year for saving their town.
For 68 years she has remained faithful to him and even now she often visits his grave, on his birthday and on Christmas day.
Watch the video below to find out more and see how France pays tribute to Billie Harris, their hero!
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