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Story Behind This Dog And Golden Fish Has Taken The World By Storm

This picture of a dog kissing a fish captured the internet's heart.
We love seeing two different species of animals loving on each other. But we also love it when people take to Photoshop and make some pretty incredible images!
Oh no, that poor dog!
Here we see the fish grabbing the dog's head. Suddenly this picture isn't so cute anymore!
In the next picture, the dog gets his revenge.
The dog was apparently able to get the fish off its head and turns the tables. We sure hope this dog like sushi!
Apparently these animals have been lovers throughout history.
The dog and the fish share one last kiss before the dog heads off to the front lines. What a sweet send-off.
Oh, inverted world.
This image is a mirror image of the original. What a crazy world it would be if fish lived on land and dogs lived in the water.
Never let go, Rose.
Even in the worst tragedies, we can still find love stories that lift the spirit. This dog's heart will go on.
And in the end, these two decided to make it official. How sweet!
We're so glad that love can exist between species. It gives us hope that anyone can find love in this crazy world.
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