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The Body Shape You Have Determines The Food For Weight And Fat Loss

Everyone cannot fit in the schemes of body types since they are all combinations of few traits. But there are main 3 kinds of bodies which narrow down the diet and workouts you need.
This person is slim and thin, and has skinny limbs and boney look. This is endurance athlete body type and means they can eat more carbs than the rest of us due to their fast metabolism. Their diet is made of medium proteins, carbs and little fat.
This type is medium in everything. It is the best athletic type with lean mass. Wrestlers and gymnasts are the best examples for this. They have a lot of growth testosterone hormone and they have muscle gains fast and little body fat. They eat mixed foods, equal carb, fat and protein ratios.
They have big bones look structure and a lot of body fat. Football players, power lifters are examples of this type. They are not too much active and have slower metabolism since they have more body fat. It is easy for them to became heavier and weigh more since they cannot eat too much carbs. They eat fats and proteins and little carbs, only post workout.
The best way for weight loss is to see what type you are and see carb tolerance for that type. If you are active or workout, you can tolerate the carbs well. If you want to exercise more, make food by yourself with lots of carbs. But, for being a couch potato NO carbs, regardless of your type.
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