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The Difference Between Liking And Loving Someone

#10 Ways Cute
Ways Cute
When you really have love with someone you are secure in knowing they will love you no matter how you look.
#9 Come Back
Come Back
Truly loving someone means letting them go because you know they will always come back.
#8 Time Travel
Time Travel
When you are really in love time can cease to exist.
#7 Whose Who
Whose Who
Alone time is great, but loving means you want them to meet all your people.
#6 Me Time
Me Time
When you love someone you know when to give them the time they need.
#5 Be You
Be You
When you have true love with another you know you can be yourself, and they will love you no matter what.
#4 Wonderfully Imperfect
Wonderfully Imperfect
Love is when you are not blind to one’s imperfections, but appreciate them more because of them.
#3 No Worries
No Worries
In health and sickness, you want to be there for the one you love.
#2 Greatness
True lovers can put their angry feelings aside to focus on the greater point.
#1 Just You
Just You
When you really love someone you don’t really need anything else.
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