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If you see a thin blue line on a car or on the street, here's what it means

Have you ever heard of the term “thin blue line” before? It’s an idea that the sole thing keeping order from turning into chaos is law enforcement. This term is used a source of pride by servicemen and women all around the country. One citizen, however, decided to take the term one step further.
April Killingsworth is a manager at a Texas printing company called Tangental Signs. Aware of the pressure that police officers have been facing recently, April wanted to show her appreciation for all the sacrifices they make on a daily basis.
Her solution? She decided to put a piece of blue tape on the back of her car in order to show her gratitude. She posted what she did on Facebook and asked her friends and family to do the same. She definitely didn’t expect what happened next,
“When we first posted it, it was kind of a sporadic thing that morning,” she told KTRE News. “I asked my employee to cut a few blue stripes, and he asked how many and I told him five. We’ll be lucky if five people even show up.”
The response was overwhelming.
They sold over 1,000 lines in two days!
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What an unbelievable way of showing appreciation to our law enforcement officers.
Credit: Shareably
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