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She Waits in Line Quietly Behind Blind Man. But When He Drops Money on Ground, She Steals It

A teen Dairy Queen employee was helping customers when he noticed a lady steal from a blind man. The teen was appalled and just had to do something about it.
Joey Prusak, 19-year-old store manager, has been working for Dairy Queen since he was an eighth grader. He was taking customers’ orders when a blind man came up to order.
Posted by Joey Prusak on Thursday, 10 December 2015
When the man reached in his pocket to pay, he dropped a $20 bill on the floor. He didn’t realize it had fallen out of his pocket.
This is when Prusak witnessed the lady behind the visually impaired man pick up the $20 and put it in her purse. He couldn’t believe what he saw.
Prusak immediately came from behind the counter and went to the lady. He asked her to give the man his $20 back. She refused and said the money was hers.
He then told her that if she was not going to give the money back then he would not wait on her. She could just leave the store.
Prusak walked away from the woman and pulled out his own wallet. He took out a $20 bill and handed it to the blind man. “Sir, on behalf of the Dairy Queen, I would like to give you the $20 you dropped on the ground,” Prusak said to the man.
The young manager did what he thought most people would do if they were in the same situation. So he just went back to work, not thinking anything else about it.
Nancy Pettit, Prusak’s boss, received an email that had been sent to the corporate office about the kindness Prusak showed the blind customer. The letter was written by another customer who had witnessed Prusak’s act of kindness and wanted Dairy Queen to know exactly what happened that day.
“It’s nice to see a young man do the right thing and get recognized for it,” Pettit said. “I just feel very blessed to have such a wonderful young man working at my shop.”

"A Minnesota Dairy Queen manager is getting widespread kudos for an act of kindness that required giving one customer...

Posted by Sustainable Human on Wednesday, 25 September 2013
Pettit posted the letter on the work board for all the employees to see and someone took a picture of it and posted it on Facebook. Prusak is now being praised all over social media and the news for being a “Good Samaritan.”
Once word got out about Prusak’s kind deed, a customer came and gave him $20 for what he did. She wasn’t the only one. More customers are coming in and wanting to give back to him but he says he doesn’t want a reward.
“I didn’t expect anything, nor did I want anything,” Prusak said. “It wasn’t anything I wouldn’t have done on any other day. I hope everyone else would have done the same thing.”
You never know who is watching you and how an act of kindness and generosity can inspire others. This teen is showing the true meaning of integrity!
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