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Soldier Found Out His Wife Was Cheating, This Is What He Did.

They say that inside of every story, you can find a love story. They don't tell you that the love story in question isn't always romantic. In fact, when love stories involve cheating and divorce, they can get downright nasty -- and this is one of those stories that takes it to the next level.
In a series of dramatic twists and turns, this story takes us from the moment a young man and woman meet and fall in love, through their difficult first days of marriage, all the way to the fiery wreckage that was the end of their relationship. It's certainly not a heartwarming story to read, but it is entertaining (especially when you remember that it didn't happen to you).
Sit back and prepare yourself to take a journey into love's darkest, most diabolical nether regions. What happens to the wife at the end will remind you that every decision has consequences, and sometimes risks actually aren't worth taking.
It's one of those painful army love stories that we've heard before.
After they were introduced by a mutual friend, a man and woman fell in love. They were inseparable for months, but the man was a soldier. Eventually, he got called back for duty.
It's one of those painful army love stories that we've heard before.
That's when they decided to get married.
Military wives get plenty of benefits (as well as opportunities to see their husbands), so the marriage made sense at the time. Plus, they were in love: What could go wrong?
After they wed, something started happening to the bride.
She began having violent seizures in her sleep, and her husband stayed by her side as long as he could.
Luckily, she had medical insurance.
Military spouses have access to the same excellent healthcare as the soldiers themselves, so treating her condition was not a problem.
But then, something strange started happening.
The husband soon noticed that his wife’s doctor visits have become more frequent, without any appointment scheduled. Still, he trusted that she was just doing what was best for her health.
But then, something strange started happening.
Then, the wife began doing something even stranger.
The young soldier noticed that she loved to travel out of town in order to visit Walmart. She was doing it very frequently, but still, the husband brushed it off as normal -- maybe she just really loved to shop?
He couldn't worry about it for long, anyways.
He was called to serve in South Korea, so he had to leave. Her strange doctor visits and Wal-Mart journeys were pushed to the back of his mind, but he missed his wife every day.
He couldn't worry about it for long, anyways.
But then, her family contacted him unexpected.
While overseas, he was approached by his wife's mother, brother, uncle and aunt. They told him that their relative, his wife, had claimed that HE was gay. She said that was the reason she was allowed to "Sleep with anyone she wanted."
That's when the husband confronted her.
He didn't like what she had to say: She confessed to sleeping with over 60 men. He had no idea.
Then, she dropped an even bigger bomb.
At the same time, his cheating spouse told him that she was pregnant, and that the baby did not belong to him.
Then, she dropped an even bigger bomb.
Naturally, the young soldier filed for divorce.
He didn't tell her about it, either, to keep her from freaking out and destroying his stuff. He wanted this to go as smoothly as possible.
But his wife made things very difficult.
For starters, she refused to give the DNA test of her unborn baby leading in the interruption of the case. She also made huge scenes every time they were in court.
Finally, the truth revealed itself.
It what may have been slightly unethical, the husband’s lawyer had cornered the wife, by asking her embarrassing questions that revealed the truth.
Finally, the judge reached his decision.
The cheating wife was ordered never to contact the soldier again and to vacate their shared premises within 30 days. She received none of the money or assets that she wanted.
It's a dramatic tale, but it definitely comes with a lesson.
Philosophically, the lesson here is probably that you reap what you sow. But in a literal sense, we'd say the lesson is that cheating can land you, well, homeless.
It's a dramatic tale, but it definitely comes with a lesson.
What do you think of this wife's transgressions? Do you think she deserved what she got?
(Source: LifeBuzz)
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