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14 Things Women Love But Are Afraid To Ask Of You.

Many women expect certain things from their partners and are shy to ask. Guys should get the hints and try to fulfill what their women desire. This can lead to a strong and long lasting relationship. Following is the list freaky things women love, but are afraid to ask.
#1. Blindfold
After the "50 Shades" numerous women are curious about blindfold-play. She'll never ask for it, but it may surprise you what she says after you bring it up.
#2. Playful restraints:
She would love to be restrained, depending on how much she trusts you.
#3. Take beautiful photos
Women love if you capture their photographs, since they feel attractive and it turns them on.
#4. Make a sexy video.
She might want to capture some precious moments with you on video.
#5. Role playing.
Role playing is a huge turn on for many women.
#6. Dirty talk.
Throw in some dirty talk, it will definitely turn her on.
#7. Bringing another person into the bedroom.
Every guy dreams of this... but not every woman does. Be sure to discuss this thoroughly before doing it.
#8. Checking out your favorite private websites together.
It is totally a misconception that only men are into it, some women are too. Be sure to find something that suits you both.
#9. Changing your environment:
Changing your environment will add great excitement to your sex life. Maybe try it in the kitchen or dining room.
Changing your environment:
#10. Random gropes.
Sometimes a random grope can really turn her on, since she wasn’t expecting it.
#11. Fall asleep, lying on him:
Women love the feeling of falling asleep lying on you. They feel loved and secured if they fall asleep in your arms.
Fall asleep, lying on him:
#12. Hugs
When a woman is sad she expects you to feel her sadness and make her calm. What she expects is that you hug her and listen to her.
#13. Foreplay
A little foreplay before sex will definitely turn her on and will result in a better intercourse.
#14. Nicknames
Sometimes women love to be called out by certain nicknames. Try finding if your woman likes it.
(Source: LifeBuzz)
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