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The Top 25 Reasons Why Men Cheat… #21 Hurts The Most.

Relationships can be difficult to navigate sometimes. Knowing when to stick around and fight for your other half shows commitment and unconditional love on your part. Nonetheless, when stuck in a relationship with a man that cheats can leave the most confident woman hurt, confused, and asking what went wrong.
Perhaps the most common question is why? Self-blaming and doubt will not bring any answers. Instead, it’s better to look at the real culprit and look for clues or behaviours that were red flags. Here are some reasons why men cheat. It doesn’t excuse the behaviour but it will help you realize it's easier to simply wipe the tears away and walk away.
#1. Some are natural born liars.
Some men can lie straight to your face and look you right in the eyes and you'll believe them. Some find it thrilling to sneak around behind your back to see what they can get away with. Beware of these types. Run away as fast as you can to avoid a broken heart.
Fortunately, not all men are like this. There are some wonderful men out there you just have to hold out for the right ones.
#2. Some guys are just players.
Some men love to be players. They like to have lots of women after them. To them, it's just a game. Avoid these types like the plague. They aren't worth your time.
#3. He has to prove his manhood.
They think it makes them real men to have sex with lots of women.
#4. He had poor role models.
If all of the role models in his life were cheaters then he may be following what he knows. Infidelity is the norm for some. If the females in his life tolerated this behavior then he will expect the women in his life to tolerate it too.
#5. He needs validation.
He needs to feel like he is worthy and the way he does this is by carrying on with other women, flirting, having sex with other women.
#6. He's too immature.
Some men have really immature friends who get them to act just like them. They hang out together like they are still in college and do things to look cool to each other even if it means cheating.
#7. He needs to be entertained.
If he isn't finding the same excitement in your relationship as he did when you two first met, he will look for it somewhere else. This is not your fault. It's his.
#8. He likes the newness of relationship.
Some men feel once they've conquered you, then it's time to move on to something new.
Let him go. It'll be the best thing for you.
#9. He's been emotionally damaged.
Men experience emotional trauma as women do, but some handle it much differently. Some suppress their hurt feelings and take it out on their partners.
Be careful.
#10. You have high expectations.
It's ok to have a wish list of things you want from your man. Just make sure they are realistic. After all, don't have expectations not even you can live up to.
#11. He's very lusty.
Men often confuse lust with love, choosing partners this way is a sure way the relationship will fail. Make sure he understands the difference.
#12. He's avoiding real intimacy.
According to psychiatrist Gail Saltz, MD, men cheat to avoid real intimacy. "Some men cheat to avoid any real intimacy. Intimacy scares them, so they distance themselves from their wife or girlfriend by cheating on her" says doctor Saltz.
#13. He wants power and control.
Another reason men cheat is to be in control. Dr. Saltz says men have the power in the relationship when they choose to be unfaithful. Having said that, you can have the last word by simply walking away.
#14. He's very weak.
Some relationship experts also believe some men are just too weak to say no. When the opportunity presents itself for a dalliance men just do not know how to say no and walk away.
Not an argument women have to accept.
#15. He doesn't care.
A serial cheater cannot stop if he does not know what drives him towards such behaviour. However, if he doesn't see a problem or simply does not care to change there is nothing that can be done to help him.
#16. He wants new experiences.
A man might be completely in love with his partner even though he cheats on her. Men admit that they want variety and new experiences in their lives despite being happy in their relationships.
We might suggest trying new foods or a new sport if variety is what's missing.
#17. He doesn't feel appreciated.
Feeling unappreciated in a relationship can leave a man feeling empty. Constant criticism and blame may have him looking for positive feedback elsewhere. In a new relationship, everything is compliments and sweet words.
#18. He wants to feel like he's desirable.
Men and women want to feel desired. Men are expected to provide security, strength without getting the acknowledgement for it. This can lead to resentment as he begins to feel he is simply the provider, the caregiver. In a new affair he feels like he matters in the relationship.
#19. Connection.
Men tend to feel connected the most when sex is involved. In addition to the pleasure that comes with the act, the feeling of being the object of desire plays a huge part in the relationship.
And because sex tends to be really intense and frequent at the start of a relationship, that's when men feel connected the most.
#20. He can't resist.
He's hot and women are attracted to him. Some men do not know how to say "no" to sexy, strong women.
#21. He wants it to be over.
Sometimes men cheat because they simply do not want to be in their current relationship. Rather than being honest about what he wants, he will have an "exit affair" in the hopes you leave him afterwards.
#22. He can get away with it and still have you.
If he has cheated before and you forgave him, why not do it again? Men quickly realize that if they got away with it once, twice, they'll be able to get away with it again and again.
#23. He knows you won't leave.
He has cheated before and not only did you not leave him but you also didn't set any ground rules and expectations for him in the future. By doing so, he feels like you will never leave him regardless of his cheating.
#24. He was under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
Alcohol and drugs give a sense of being invincible. Inhibitions and good judgement are thrown out the window when people are under the influence. It doesn't excuse the behaviour of cheating and one night stands, but it does happen.
#25. He is addicted to sex.
Sex addiction is a medical condition that does exist. Compulsive cheating and sexual activities has serious consequences for the addict and the people in his life. Nonetheless, it's not as common and not the same as just regular cheating.
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